Interface: SkyBlockProfileCollection

# Interface: SkyBlockProfileCollection

Interface describing an individual collection.

# Properties

# amount

amount: number

The amount of resources in this collection the profile has collected toward tiers.

Note: If the profile is a coop and all players do not have their collection API enabled, this will only account for the amounts collected by members with their collection API enabled.

Defined in: helpers/SkyBlockCollections.ts:66 (opens new window)

# id

id: string

The ID of this collection, e.g. "LOG:2"

Defined in: helpers/SkyBlockCollections.ts:51 (opens new window)

# maxTier

maxTier: number

The maximum tier of this collection.

Defined in: helpers/SkyBlockCollections.ts:59 (opens new window)

# name

name: string

The name of this collection, e.g. "Birch Wood"

Defined in: helpers/SkyBlockCollections.ts:53 (opens new window)

# nextTier

Optional nextTier: number

The next tier the profile can reach. If the profile has reached the max tier, this value is omitted.

Defined in: helpers/SkyBlockCollections.ts:57 (opens new window)

# nextTierAmountRequired

Optional nextTierAmountRequired: number

The amount required to reach the next collection tier. If the profile has reached the max tier, this value is omitted.

Defined in: helpers/SkyBlockCollections.ts:68 (opens new window)

# progress

progress: number

The progress the profile is toward maxing this collection.

Defined in: helpers/SkyBlockCollections.ts:70 (opens new window)

# tier

tier: number

The tier the profile has reached.

Defined in: helpers/SkyBlockCollections.ts:55 (opens new window)