Interface: PlayerStatsBedwarsStats

# Interface: PlayerStatsBedwarsStats


This interface lists keys that should be fairly common. All of these calls have variant specific values that get prepended by a game mode.

# Modes

  • castle_
  • two_four_
  • four_three_
  • four_four_
  • eight_one_
  • eight_two_
  • tourney_bedwars4s_-1_
  • tourney_bedwars4s_0_
  • tourney_bedwars4s_1_
  • tourney_bedwars_two_four_0_

# Sub Modes

  • armed_
  • lucky_
  • no_void_
  • rush_
  • ultimate_
  • voidless_

# Explanation

So aside from the base / default mode which this interface describes, you can find the stats for a specific game mode by joining the above values.

For example, if you want the "wins_bedwars" value but for rush on four four you'd find that on the key "four_four_rush_wins_bedwars", if it exists.

# Properties

# _items_purchased_bedwars

Optional _items_purchased_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1647 (opens new window)

# beds_broken_bedwars

Optional beds_broken_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1648 (opens new window)

# beds_lost_bedwars

Optional beds_lost_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1649 (opens new window)

# deaths_bedwars

Optional deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1650 (opens new window)

# diamond_resources_collected_bedwars

Optional diamond_resources_collected_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1651 (opens new window)

# emerald_resources_collected_bedwars

Optional emerald_resources_collected_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1652 (opens new window)

# entity_attack_deaths_bedwars

Optional entity_attack_deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1653 (opens new window)

# entity_attack_final_deaths_bedwars

Optional entity_attack_final_deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1654 (opens new window)

# entity_attack_final_kills_bedwars

Optional entity_attack_final_kills_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1655 (opens new window)

# entity_attack_kills_bedwars

Optional entity_attack_kills_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1656 (opens new window)

# entity_explosion_deaths_bedwars

Optional entity_explosion_deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1657 (opens new window)

# entity_explosion_final_deaths_bedwars

Optional entity_explosion_final_deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1658 (opens new window)

# entity_explosion_final_kills_bedwars

Optional entity_explosion_final_kills_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1659 (opens new window)

# entity_explosion_kills_bedwars

Optional entity_explosion_kills_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1660 (opens new window)

# fall_deaths_bedwars

Optional fall_deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1661 (opens new window)

# fall_final_deaths_bedwars

Optional fall_final_deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1662 (opens new window)

# fall_final_kills_bedwars

Optional fall_final_kills_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1663 (opens new window)

# fall_kills_bedwars

Optional fall_kills_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1664 (opens new window)

# final_deaths_bedwars

Optional final_deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1665 (opens new window)

# final_kills_bedwars

Optional final_kills_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1666 (opens new window)

# fire_deaths_bedwars

Optional fire_deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1667 (opens new window)

# fire_final_deaths_bedwars

Optional fire_final_deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1668 (opens new window)

# fire_tick_deaths_bedwars

Optional fire_tick_deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1669 (opens new window)

# fire_tick_final_deaths_bedwars

Optional fire_tick_final_deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1670 (opens new window)

# games_played_bedwars

Optional games_played_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1671 (opens new window)

# gold_resources_collected_bedwars

Optional gold_resources_collected_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1672 (opens new window)

# iron_resources_collected_bedwars

Optional iron_resources_collected_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1673 (opens new window)

# items_purchased_bedwars

Optional items_purchased_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1674 (opens new window)

# kills_bedwars

Optional kills_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1675 (opens new window)

# losses_bedwars

Optional losses_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1676 (opens new window)

# permanent _items_purchased_bedwars

Optional permanent _items_purchased_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1676 (opens new window)

# permanent_items_purchased_bedwars

Optional permanent_items_purchased_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1678 (opens new window)

# projectile_deaths_bedwars

Optional projectile_deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1679 (opens new window)

# projectile_final_deaths_bedwars

Optional projectile_final_deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1680 (opens new window)

# projectile_final_kills_bedwars

Optional projectile_final_kills_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1681 (opens new window)

# projectile_kills_bedwars

Optional projectile_kills_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1682 (opens new window)

# resources_collected_bedwars

Optional resources_collected_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1683 (opens new window)

# suffocation_deaths_bedwars

Optional suffocation_deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1684 (opens new window)

# void_deaths_bedwars

Optional void_deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1685 (opens new window)

# void_final_deaths_bedwars

Optional void_final_deaths_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1686 (opens new window)

# void_final_kills_bedwars

Optional void_final_kills_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1687 (opens new window)

# void_kills_bedwars

Optional void_kills_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1688 (opens new window)

# wins_bedwars

Optional wins_bedwars: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1689 (opens new window)

# winstreak

Optional winstreak: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:1690 (opens new window)