Interface: ClientOptions

# Interface: ClientOptions

# Properties

# cache

Optional cache: BasicCache

Functions you want to use for caching results. Optional.

Defined in: Client.ts:121 (opens new window)

# retries

Optional retries: number

Amount of times to retry a failed request.

default 3

Defined in: Client.ts:105 (opens new window)

# timeout

Optional timeout: number

The time, in milliseconds, you want to wait before giving up on the method call.

NOTE: This option is ignored when being used in Deno (opens new window).

default 10000

Defined in: Client.ts:112 (opens new window)

# userAgent

Optional userAgent: string

User agent the client uses when making calls to Hypixel's API

default @zikeji/hypixel

Defined in: Client.ts:117 (opens new window)