Interface: NBTTag

# Interface: NBTTag

If an inventory slot contains tag data, this interface describes possible values commonly seen in observations of the inventory data.

# Properties

# CustomPotionEffects

Optional CustomPotionEffects: NBTCustomPotionEffect[]

Defined in: helpers/TransformItemData.ts:31 (opens new window)

# ExtraAttributes

Optional ExtraAttributes: NBTExtraAttributes

Defined in: helpers/TransformItemData.ts:28 (opens new window)

# HideFlags

Optional HideFlags: number

Defined in: helpers/TransformItemData.ts:26 (opens new window)

# SkullOwner

Optional SkullOwner: NBTSkullOwner

Defined in: helpers/TransformItemData.ts:30 (opens new window)

# Unbreakable

Optional Unbreakable: number

Defined in: helpers/TransformItemData.ts:25 (opens new window)

# display

Optional display: NBTDisplay

Defined in: helpers/TransformItemData.ts:27 (opens new window)

# ench

Optional ench: NBTEnch[]

Defined in: helpers/TransformItemData.ts:29 (opens new window)