Interface: GuildsAchievementsResourceResponse

# Interface: GuildsAchievementsResourceResponse


# Properties

# lastUpdated

lastUpdated: number

Unix timestamp this resource was last updated.

Defined in: types/api.ts:343 (opens new window)

# one_time

one_time: unknown

An empty object at this time. We can probably assume in the future it may contain data not unlike the normal /resources/achievements endpoint.

Defined in: types/api.ts:347 (opens new window)

# success

success: boolean

Whether or not the request succeeded.

Defined in: types/api.ts:339 (opens new window)

# tiered

tiered: object

# Type declaration:

Name Type
EXPERIENCE_KINGS GuildsTieredAchievementsData
ONLINE_PLAYERS GuildsTieredAchievementsData
PRESTIGE GuildsTieredAchievementsData
WINNERS GuildsTieredAchievementsData

Defined in: types/api.ts:348 (opens new window)