Interface: GuildMember

# Interface: GuildMember


# Properties

# expHistory

expHistory: object

Property keys are the date in the format YYYY-MM-DD, and the value is how much guild exp they earned on that date.

Stores the last 7 days, so you can expect at maximum 7 properties on this exp history object.


// output:

# Type declaration:

Defined in: types/api.ts:281 (opens new window)

# joined

joined: number

Timestamp of when this guild member joined the guild.

Defined in: types/api.ts:287 (opens new window)

# mutedTill

Optional mutedTill: number

If they have been muted in guild chat, this is the timestamp of when they're unmuted.

Defined in: types/api.ts:291 (opens new window)

# name

Optional name: string

Old value describing the member's username. This is not used anymore and rarely shows up as a valid property.

Defined in: types/api.ts:295 (opens new window)

# questParticipation

Optional questParticipation: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:296 (opens new window)

# rank

rank: string

The name of their rank, it may match the name of a rank in the rank object - otherwise they may be unranked / the GM (GM ranks are usually "GUILDMASTER" or "Guild Master")

Defined in: types/api.ts:300 (opens new window)

# uuid

uuid: string

Minecraft UUID of the guild memeber.

Defined in: types/api.ts:304 (opens new window)