Interface: DefaultMeta

# Interface: DefaultMeta

Possible meta options returned on the meta variable.

# Properties

# cached

Optional cached: boolean

If you included a cache get/set method in the options, this value will be set to true if that cache was hit.

Defined in: Client.ts:53 (opens new window)

# cloudflareCache

Optional cloudflareCache: object

Data from CloudFlare's headers in regards to caching - particularly relevant for resources endpoints.

# Type declaration:

Name Type Description
age? number Cloudflare cache age.
maxAge? number Cloudflare max cache age.
status HIT | MISS | BYPASS | EXPIRED | DYNAMIC Cloudflare cache status.

Defined in: Client.ts:57 (opens new window)

# ratelimit

Optional ratelimit: RateLimitData

If this request required an API key it returned rate limit information in the headers, which is included here.

Defined in: Client.ts:49 (opens new window)