Interface: PlayerAchievements

# Interface: PlayerAchievements


Tiered / numbered achievements the player has earned. All known properties are listed but given it's Hypixel it's subject to change fairly often.

# Indexable

▪ [name: string]: undefined | number

Tiered / numbered achievements the player has earned. All known properties are listed but given it's Hypixel it's subject to change fairly often.

# Properties

# arcade_arcade_banker

Optional arcade_arcade_banker: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:890 (opens new window)

# arcade_bounty_hunter

Optional arcade_bounty_hunter: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:891 (opens new window)

# arena_climb_the_ranks

Optional arena_climb_the_ranks: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:892 (opens new window)

# bedwars_beds

Optional bedwars_beds: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:893 (opens new window)

# bedwars_bedwars_killer

Optional bedwars_bedwars_killer: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:894 (opens new window)

# bedwars_collectors_edition

Optional bedwars_collectors_edition: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:895 (opens new window)

# bedwars_level

Optional bedwars_level: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:896 (opens new window)

# bedwars_loot_box

Optional bedwars_loot_box: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:897 (opens new window)

# bedwars_wins

Optional bedwars_wins: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:898 (opens new window)

# buildbattle_build_battle_points

Optional buildbattle_build_battle_points: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:899 (opens new window)

# buildbattle_build_battle_score

Optional buildbattle_build_battle_score: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:900 (opens new window)

# buildbattle_build_battle_voter

Optional buildbattle_build_battle_voter: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:901 (opens new window)

# buildbattle_guess_the_build_guesses

Optional buildbattle_guess_the_build_guesses: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:902 (opens new window)

# buildbattle_guess_the_build_winner

Optional buildbattle_guess_the_build_winner: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:903 (opens new window)

# christmas2017_advent_2019

Optional christmas2017_advent_2019: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:904 (opens new window)

# christmas2017_present_collector

Optional christmas2017_present_collector: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:905 (opens new window)

# christmas2017_santa_says_rounds

Optional christmas2017_santa_says_rounds: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:906 (opens new window)

# duels_bridge_doubles_wins

Optional duels_bridge_doubles_wins: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:907 (opens new window)

# duels_bridge_duels_wins

Optional duels_bridge_duels_wins: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:908 (opens new window)

# duels_bridge_four_teams_wins

Optional duels_bridge_four_teams_wins: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:909 (opens new window)

# duels_bridge_teams_wins

Optional duels_bridge_teams_wins: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:910 (opens new window)

# duels_bridge_win_streak

Optional duels_bridge_win_streak: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:911 (opens new window)

# duels_bridge_wins

Optional duels_bridge_wins: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:912 (opens new window)

# duels_duels_division

Optional duels_duels_division: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:913 (opens new window)

# duels_duels_traveller

Optional duels_duels_traveller: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:914 (opens new window)

# duels_duels_win_streak

Optional duels_duels_win_streak: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:915 (opens new window)

# duels_duels_winner

Optional duels_duels_winner: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:916 (opens new window)

# duels_goals

Optional duels_goals: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:917 (opens new window)

# duels_unique_map_wins

Optional duels_unique_map_wins: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:918 (opens new window)

# easter_throw_eggs

Optional easter_throw_eggs: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:919 (opens new window)

# general_challenger

Optional general_challenger: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:920 (opens new window)

# general_coins

Optional general_coins: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:921 (opens new window)

# general_quest_master

Optional general_quest_master: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:922 (opens new window)

# general_wins

Optional general_wins: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:923 (opens new window)

# gingerbread_banker

Optional gingerbread_banker: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:924 (opens new window)

# halloween2017_pumpkinator

Optional halloween2017_pumpkinator: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:925 (opens new window)

# paintball_coins

Optional paintball_coins: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:926 (opens new window)

# paintball_kill_streaks

Optional paintball_kill_streaks: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:927 (opens new window)

# paintball_kills

Optional paintball_kills: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:928 (opens new window)

# pit_contracts

Optional pit_contracts: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:929 (opens new window)

# pit_events

Optional pit_events: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:930 (opens new window)

# pit_gold

Optional pit_gold: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:931 (opens new window)

# pit_kills

Optional pit_kills: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:932 (opens new window)

# quake_coins

Optional quake_coins: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:933 (opens new window)

# quake_headshots

Optional quake_headshots: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:934 (opens new window)

# quake_killing_sprees

Optional quake_killing_sprees: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:935 (opens new window)

# quake_kills

Optional quake_kills: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:936 (opens new window)

# quake_wins

Optional quake_wins: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:937 (opens new window)

# skyblock_angler

Optional skyblock_angler: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:938 (opens new window)

# skyblock_augmentation

Optional skyblock_augmentation: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:939 (opens new window)

# skyblock_combat

Optional skyblock_combat: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:940 (opens new window)

# skyblock_concoctor

Optional skyblock_concoctor: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:941 (opens new window)

# skyblock_domesticator

Optional skyblock_domesticator: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:942 (opens new window)

# skyblock_dungeoneer

Optional skyblock_dungeoneer: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:943 (opens new window)

# skyblock_excavator

Optional skyblock_excavator: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:944 (opens new window)

# skyblock_gatherer

Optional skyblock_gatherer: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:945 (opens new window)

# skyblock_harvester

Optional skyblock_harvester: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:946 (opens new window)

# skyblock_minion_lover

Optional skyblock_minion_lover: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:947 (opens new window)

# skyblock_slayer

Optional skyblock_slayer: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:948 (opens new window)

# skyblock_treasure_hunter

Optional skyblock_treasure_hunter: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:949 (opens new window)

# skyblock_treasury

Optional skyblock_treasury: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:950 (opens new window)

# skyblock_unique_gifts

Optional skyblock_unique_gifts: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:951 (opens new window)

# skyclash_cards_unlocked

Optional skyclash_cards_unlocked: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:952 (opens new window)

# skywars_cages

Optional skywars_cages: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:953 (opens new window)

# skywars_heads

Optional skywars_heads: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:954 (opens new window)

# skywars_kills_solo

Optional skywars_kills_solo: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:955 (opens new window)

# skywars_kills_team

Optional skywars_kills_team: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:956 (opens new window)

# skywars_kits_solo

Optional skywars_kits_solo: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:957 (opens new window)

# skywars_kits_team

Optional skywars_kits_team: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:958 (opens new window)

# skywars_new_day_new_challenge

Optional skywars_new_day_new_challenge: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:959 (opens new window)

# skywars_wins_lab

Optional skywars_wins_lab: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:960 (opens new window)

# skywars_wins_solo

Optional skywars_wins_solo: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:961 (opens new window)

# skywars_wins_team

Optional skywars_wins_team: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:962 (opens new window)

# skywars_you_re_a_star

Optional skywars_you_re_a_star: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:963 (opens new window)

# summer_shopaholic

Optional summer_shopaholic: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:964 (opens new window)

# supersmash_hero_slayer

Optional supersmash_hero_slayer: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:965 (opens new window)

# tntgames_block_runner

Optional tntgames_block_runner: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:966 (opens new window)

# tntgames_tnt_banker

Optional tntgames_tnt_banker: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:967 (opens new window)

# tntgames_tnt_triathlon

Optional tntgames_tnt_triathlon: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:968 (opens new window)

# walls3_coins

Optional walls3_coins: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:969 (opens new window)

# walls3_guardian

Optional walls3_guardian: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:970 (opens new window)

# walls3_jack_of_all_trades

Optional walls3_jack_of_all_trades: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:971 (opens new window)

# walls3_rusher

Optional walls3_rusher: number

Defined in: types/api.ts:972 (opens new window)