Interface: GuildRank

# Interface: GuildRank


# Properties

# created

created: number

Timestamp of the rank creation.

Defined in: types/api.ts:310 (opens new window)

# default

Optional default: boolean

Whether or not this the default rank players receive upon joining.

Defined in: types/api.ts:314 (opens new window)

# name

name: string

Name of the rank.

Defined in: types/api.ts:318 (opens new window)

# priority

priority: number

Rank priority from lowest to highest.

Defined in: types/api.ts:322 (opens new window)

# tag

Optional tag: null | string

Rank tag (short version of rank name or whatever else the guildmaster wants it to be).

Defined in: types/api.ts:326 (opens new window)