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# Helper Functions

# Other Functions

# Type aliases

# NBTInventory

Ƭ NBTInventory: (NBTInventoryItem | null)[]

Array of inventory slots. If that slot is empty it will be null, otherwise it will be an object containing the data.

Defined in: helpers/TransformItemData.ts:6 (opens new window)

# SkyBlockProfileCollections

Ƭ SkyBlockProfileCollections: SkyBlockProfileCollectionGroup[]

Defined in: helpers/SkyBlockCollections.ts:73 (opens new window)

# SkyBlockProfileMemberWithTransformedInventories

Ƭ SkyBlockProfileMemberWithTransformedInventories: Omit<SkyBlockProfileMember, keyof SkyBlockProfileTransformedInventories> & SkyBlockProfileTransformedInventories

This type is a intersection type omitting the default inventory types and including the transformed inventory types.

Defined in: helpers/TransformSkyBlockItemData.ts:22 (opens new window)

# Variables

# SkyWarsPrestiges

Const SkyWarsPrestiges: SkyWarsPrestige[]

An array of the prestiges in SkyWars, listed in order of lowest to highest.

Defined in: helpers/SkyWarsPrestige.ts:36 (opens new window)

# Helper Functions

# getBedwarsLevelInfo

getBedwarsLevelInfo(data: Player | number): BedwarsLevelInfo

Calculates the BedWars prestige and level of a player and returns a BedwarsLevelInfo interface.

# Parameters:

Name Type
data Player | number

Returns: BedwarsLevelInfo

Defined in: helpers/BedwarsLevelInfo.ts:40 (opens new window)

# getExpFromNetworkLevel

getExpFromNetworkLevel(level: number): number

Calculates the total EXP required for a specific network level.

# Parameters:

Name Type Description
level number Level you're getting the EXP required for. Can be a float or an integer.

Returns: number

Defined in: helpers/NetworkLevel.ts:39 (opens new window)

# getGuildLevel

getGuildLevel(data: Guild | number): GuildLevel

Calculates the guild level and returns a GuildLevel interface.

# Parameters:

Name Type Description
data Guild | number The guild object or the raw EXP number.

Returns: GuildLevel

Defined in: helpers/GuildLevel.ts:48 (opens new window)

# getNetworkLevel

getNetworkLevel(data: Player | number): NetworkLevel

Calculates the network level and returns a NetworkLevel interface.

# Parameters:

Name Type Description
data Player | number The player object or the raw EXP number.

Returns: NetworkLevel

Defined in: helpers/NetworkLevel.ts:60 (opens new window)

# getPlayerRank

getPlayerRank(player: NonNullable<Player>, onlyPackages?: boolean): PlayerRank

Get an PlayerRank object describing the player's rank in more detail without the need to figure out how to parse it yourself.

# Parameters:

Name Type Default value Description
player NonNullable<Player> - The result of client.player.uuid().
onlyPackages boolean false Whether to ignore their staff / youtube rank and only get their donor rank.

Returns: PlayerRank

Defined in: helpers/PlayerRank.ts:84 (opens new window)

# getSkyBlockProfileMemberCollections

getSkyBlockProfileMemberCollections(profile: Pick<NonNullable<SkyBlockProfile>, members>, collections: SkyBlockResourcesParentCollections): SkyBlockProfileCollections | false

This helper takes a profile and scans all of it's member's to get the most accurate collection information possible. Returns false is none of the members of the profile had their collections API enabled.

# Parameters:

Name Type Description
profile Pick<NonNullable<SkyBlockProfile>, members> The SkyBlock profile object you want to check.
collections SkyBlockResourcesParentCollections The collections resource object.

Returns: SkyBlockProfileCollections | false

Defined in: helpers/SkyBlockCollections.ts:81 (opens new window)

# getSkyBlockProfileMemberSkills

getSkyBlockProfileMemberSkills(profileMember: SkyBlockProfileMember, skills: SkyBlockResourcesSkills): SkyBlockSkillsInfo | false

This helper takes a profile member and converts raw skill EXP to skill levels using the skills resources. Returns false is none of the profile member does not have their skills API enabled.

# Parameters:

Name Type Description
profileMember SkyBlockProfileMember The SkyBlock profile member object you want to check.
skills SkyBlockResourcesSkills The skills resource object.

Returns: SkyBlockSkillsInfo | false

Defined in: helpers/SkyBlockSkills.ts:41 (opens new window)

# getSkyWarsLevelInfo

getSkyWarsLevelInfo(data: Player | number): SkyWarsLevelInfo

Get SkyWars level information from a Components.Schemas.Player object or raw experience value.

# Parameters:

Name Type Description
data Player | number A Components.Schemas.Player object or the raw experience value.

Returns: SkyWarsLevelInfo

Defined in: helpers/SkyWarsLevelInfo.ts:74 (opens new window)

getSkyWarsLevelInfo(data: Player | number, includePrestige: true): SkyWarsLevelInfoAndPrestige

# Parameters:

Name Type
data Player | number
includePrestige true

Returns: SkyWarsLevelInfoAndPrestige

Defined in: helpers/SkyWarsLevelInfo.ts:77 (opens new window)

getSkyWarsLevelInfo(data: Player | number, includePrestige: false): SkyWarsLevelInfo

# Parameters:

Name Type
data Player | number
includePrestige false

Returns: SkyWarsLevelInfo

Defined in: helpers/SkyWarsLevelInfo.ts:81 (opens new window)

# removeMinecraftFormatting

removeMinecraftFormatting(value: string): string

This helper will take a string and remove any of Minecraft's formatting sequence. Useful when parsing item lore or similar elements.

# Parameters:

Name Type Description
value string Any string with minecraft formatting.

Returns: string

Defined in: helpers/MinecraftFormatting.ts:59 (opens new window)

# romanize

romanize(value: number): string

Quick helper function that will help you convert a number to a roman numeral for display purposes.

# Parameters:

Name Type Description
value number The number you want to convert to a roman numeral.

Returns: string

Defined in: helpers/Romanize.ts:23 (opens new window)

# transformItemData

transformItemData(value: Parameters<typeof parse>[number]): Promise<NBTInventory>

This helper will transform NBT data into a typed object using prismarine-nbt. It will also transform any backpacks/bags with item data so you can explore those as well.

# Parameters:

Name Type Description
value Parameters<typeof parse>[number] A Base64 item data string, NBT byte array, or buffer. If Deno, no Buffer but a Uint8Array is supported.

Returns: Promise<NBTInventory>

Defined in: helpers/TransformItemData.ts:148 (opens new window)

# transformSkyBlockProfileMemberInventories

transformSkyBlockProfileMemberInventories(member: SkyBlockProfileMember): Promise<SkyBlockProfileMemberWithTransformedInventories>

This helper will loop over all the possible inventories on a profile and run the {@link transformSkyBlockItemData} helper on them, returning the member object with the transformed properties.

# Parameters:

Name Type Description
member SkyBlockProfileMember The profile member object that you want to transform the inventory data of.

Returns: Promise<SkyBlockProfileMemberWithTransformedInventories>

Defined in: helpers/TransformSkyBlockItemData.ts:46 (opens new window)

# Other Functions

# getSkyWarsPrestigeForLevel

getSkyWarsPrestigeForLevel(level: number): SkyWarsPrestige

Returns a SkyWarsPrestige object for the level you supplied.

# Parameters:

Name Type Description
level number The level of the player you are checking. TODO: obtain

Returns: SkyWarsPrestige

Defined in: helpers/SkyWarsPrestige.ts:211 (opens new window)

# totalExpToSkyWarsLevel

totalExpToSkyWarsLevel(level: number): number

Returns the total amount of exp it takes to get to a certain level.

# Parameters:

Name Type Description
level number The level of the player.

Returns: number

Defined in: helpers/SkyWarsLevelInfo.ts:51 (opens new window)